The best summer romper

May 30, 2018

Romper: Zara (I'm wearing a size XS), Heels: Zara (I'm wearing a size 6), Bag: Zara (I couldn't find it online), Sunnies: Ray Ban

Happy Wednesday, everyone! We made it halfway through the week. I hope you're all having a wonderful week so far. Personally, I can't wait until this weekend. Tom and I are heading to Philly for the weekend, we're seeing one of our favorite musicians and we're meeting up with some of my college friends. We actually have a pretty busy June but I'm so excited -- the summer is officially here! We're even going to the Firefly Music Festival in Delaware and I think this cute romper is perfect for a whimsical and colorful event like a music festival. I'll probably wear it with flat sandals because I'll be walking a lot. This romper screamed summer and it's under $50! These heels are also so fun and remind me of a pair my grandma had many years ago so I couldn't help but purchase them too. Nostalgic purchases are fair game, right?

Speaking of being a busy bee, I've been implementing a new quick habit into my daily routine. I discovered this habit after reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin and it's so simple that I'm amazed at how much it's helped me. Clearly I've been on a self-help kick lately, especially reading self-help books (I'll be sharing more about that on Friday!) but this little tip has helped tremendously. I'm a procrastinator of the truest form. In college I'd put off writing a paper for weeks and would stay up at late as I could the night before to write it, but I was NOTORIOUS for waking up like 2-3 hours early in the morning before the class to finish it. Nothing like the last minute, huh? How I survived those years was purely a miracle, but anyway, Gretchen's one minute rule has helped me not be as bad of a procrastinator. The one minute rule is simple, you must complete every task that should take you under a minute to complete. Sounds easy, right? And it is! I find that it has helped me be more organized too! Like I'm horrible with putting my credit card back into the slot in my wallet, I know it's so dumb BUT I remind myself of the one minute rule and voila! everything is back to where it's supposed to be.

Let me know if you've tried the one minute rule or if there are any habits/rules you follow to help life be a little easier!

Thanks so much for reading today's post!


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