Getting a Custom Dress Made

May 22, 2018

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Last year I took a long hiatus from the blog; to be honest my heart just wasn't in it anymore - or so I thought! I was in a creative rut and had problems trying to create content to share. Fast forward 1 year and I feel happier about my blog than I have ever felt before. I'll admit there were many times where I felt the need to compare myself to other bloggers and focused on quantity vs. quality. Now I'm less concerned about how many people like my post but more about how you all respond to it. Hopefully, it's in a positive way.

During my long hiatus I got together with 2 lovely ladies and creative friends of mine Sandra and Melissa to collaborate on a project. My friend Sandra is a bridal photographer, known for her ability to capture the most romantic moments ever! and my friend Melissa is a dress designer, who always knows what's best for her clients. Together we thought of using our talents and collaborating on a bridal shoot. I was the model, Melissa the designer and Sandra the photographer. Can I just how cool is it to get a dress custom made?! It's was so much fun observing the process.

Melissa and I met initially to discuss ideas. I shared what I liked, what I didn't like and what didn't usually work for my body. I told her I preferred classic and more conservative silhouette's, she suggested her favorite fabrics and little by little the dress came together. One of the best days was going to Mood, commonly known as the fabric store on Project Runway, and Melissa guided me through the isles of silk and chiffon and explained the pros and cons of each fabric. All I could think of was when I finally get married, what fabric would I want to my dress to be made of?! There rows of different kinds of lace, tulle and satin. I never thought I was a girl that liked bling but then we ended up in this corner with jeweled fabrics and they were just stunning!

After Melissa decided on the fabric, she began making the dress my hand. She measured me multiple times; and after measuring we agreed on what worked with my body and what didn't. We agreed on an A-lined lace dress, a low back and fun straps. From there Melissa worked diligently on the dress; I waited in anticipation for the creation and Sandra began to conceptualize the shoot. Collectively, we agreed on the romantic background of the New York Public Library, and surrounding areas right by Bryant Park.

The results were beautiful! I say this because it was a labor of love on all accounts. I was thrilled to learn the process and was so excited to be apart of this project. From Melissa's amazing work, creating a beautiful bridal gown, Sandra's love for romanticism and feminine photo shoots, and my excitement to share a custom petite sized dress -- it all came out better than we imagined.

Can't wait to go through this process again in the future when I get married!

Thanks for reading today's post!


Design by Melissa Guerrero

Photography by Predestined in Love

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