10 Dresses to Wear to your best friend's wedding

June 13, 2017

One of my best friends is getting married this Saturday! She's the first one of out my college friends to get married and we're all SO excited. She's marrying the sweetest guy and we all could not be happier for her! While I was shopping for a dress to wear, I quickly learned how hard it was to find one! I've been looking for months and months, and in my search I found the following dresses that I thought would great options for you petite ladies! I even ordered a few to try on for you guys (these were not so petite perfect but, probably better suited for my taller friends!)

ASOS - LOVED this one but, they did not have my size available.
Also, tried this one but it wouldn't go over the booty. Whoops! 
I ordered this one and wanted to love it but it was too big. I'd recommend sizing down!

I ordered this one, and honestly I felt like the Pinterest fail version of it. Haha! It would certainly fit a taller gal better. Check out my fail on IG!


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