Summer Cravings: Nordstrom

May 17, 2018

Happy Thursday, everyone! As some of you may know that I moved out of my Brooklyn apartment earlier this year and moved back home. After getting rid of a lot of my stuff, I still had to manage to move the contents of my apartment to my old childhood bedroom. Whatever remained ended up in a storage unit. I went to check out that storage unit a few days ago and realized that it was time I got rid of a bunch of clothes, more specially a lot of my summer clothes. I had been holding on to items that I didn't really wear but kept them for sentimental purposes; clothes that I didn't like or just didn't fit. So after clearing out a lot of what I had I realized that I was down to like 2 dress, 3 tops and a pair of shorts which means I have to do some major summer shopping! Here's what's on my Nordstrom wish list currently:

Let me know what your craving for the summer in the comment section below! Should I share my summer cravings for other stores? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks so much for reading today's post!


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