Listening to your body

June 13, 2018

Jumpsuit: LOFT (wearing a size 2P), Hat: Aerie (similar here), Wedges: Treasure & Bond, (wearing a size 6, they run TTS) Bag: Zara (my favorite purchase of the summer!)

Happy Wednesday, everyone! The past couple of days have been ones of recovery because I got this horrible flu-like virus that totally left me out of the count. I had been so busy the weeks prior, prepping for blog posts, going to events, shooting for the blog, training for a 5k, spending time with family, friends and Tom - and dealing with an even scarier health situation. I had a found a lump in my neck and after weeks of thinking it would go away, it didn't and after lots of doctor consultation, I went in for a biopsy to make sure it wasn't malignant. Thankfully it wasn't and all of craziness took a toll on my body. When I ended up with a 103 fever last Friday and terrible aches all over my body, I was exhausted. So beyond exhausted. I realized I hadn't had a decent night of sleep in weeks. I had just been - go, go, go! for weeks and my body was trying to tell me to slow down and just stop.

So I finally stopped and listened to my body. It was telling me to slow it down and I didn't listen until I was forced to listen. I'm taking it easy now and resting when I can. I'm trying not to push myself too hard this month and I'm focusing on spending quality time with my loved ones.

Sometimes you just have to slow it down. Hope you have an amazing rest of your week!

Thanks for reading today's post!


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