Weekend Wear: Texture in Soho

September 9, 2014

I was in Soho over the weekend with my friends Laura, an art blogger (www.crettatura.com) and Vianel, a photographer (www.vianeldelacruz.tumblr.com) and as we wandered the streets of one of my favorite neighborhoods we found the cutest church. Laura is a huge fan of churches and from time to time well pop in and take a peak,admire the alter, the stained glass; and the one we discovered in Soho was no different. Its courtyard was so quaint, the doors were wide open and the singing voices incredibly welcoming. We walked in briefly but stepped out not to disrupt the service taking place and took some photos outside.

This casual weekend stroll around the city called for a comfty stylish outfit. I wore my favorite jeans from Banana Republic with a flowy textured top from Anthropologie. I amped up this weekend look with my tan woven wedges also from Banana Republic and a jeweled necklace from Anthropologie from their collaborative collection with Bauble Bar available in stores and online. 

The texture of the lace top with the statement necklace made the outfit pop and added dimension making it the combination perfect for brunch with friends or a casual day in the city. 

I rave about these jeans all the time because they are my absolute favorites. I get so excited when I find jeans that fit. Jean shopping has always been troubling for me because of my measurements. I'm obviously petite but I've got a little bit more in the hip and butt area so sizing can be an issue. When I used to work at Banana Republic years ago I loved giving advice to other petite women about how BR's clothing fit, especially the jeans not only because I was an employee but because I truly loved them and lived in them. These are by far my favorite though, in my opinion they are the perfect length for someone with a little bit of booty ;) I wasn't faced with the issue of having a huge gap in the back nor did I have to hem them at all. Yes, sometimes I need to have even my petite pants hemmed because I'm that short but these jeans are perfect, no tailoring necessary :)

Photos taken by - Vianel De La Cruz

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