City Outing: Polka-Dot Romper

September 14, 2014

I'm slowly coming to realize how this blogging gig is no joke. There are definitely bloggers out there that make it look so simple and fabulous. I certainly did not think I'd be famous overnight nor do I believe it'll happen anytime soon (one can dream right?) but it's a reflection of passion. I've always believed that if you're passionate about something it will show, people will see it and it will come naturally. I don't know how naturally this blogging thing is but I can say one right, it sure as hell makes me happy. From the outfit planning (or lack there of) to the photoshoots with great friends (Predestined in Love and Vianel De La Cruz) to the late night writing, it has all been a labor of love. I reap no financial benefit but it sure makes my heart smile.

I reached out to Vianel, a friend of mine from college and incredibly talented photographer, and asked whether he'd be interested in spending the day in NYC and shooting in different locations. He was down. So we hopped around the city, from neighborhood to neighborhood and ended up with these awesome shots. It's been astounding working with my photographer friends and it's inspiring to see how passionate they are about their work. This same day V and I were shooting, he had told me he had barely gotten any sleep because he had stayed up late taking photos in Brooklyn and woke up early to shoot the sunrise and I was in awe. That's truly inspiring and it is overwhelming in the best way possible, to surround oneself with people who love what they do.

His talent helped create some awesome photos of a date night look. I must express once again, I am obsessed with black and white and sometimes grey. They just always look so good! Once again, I added some red to make this look pop. The polka-dot romper is LOFT size, XSP and the red belt is Zara. I added my Bauble Bar link necklace, gold Michael Kors watch and black Michael Kors bag as finishing touches.

I think this is a perfect date night outfit because it's comfortable, sophisticated without being too dressy and fun. I actually received quite the compliment when I wore it out on a date later that evening ;)

What's your go-to date night outfit? Comment below!

Photos Taken by Vianel De La Cruz

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