Weekend Wear: My Fall Essentials

September 30, 2014

When I was younger I hated the Fall, I really did. I attributed it to cold weather, earlier sunsets and the official end of Summer. As someone who frequented Puerto Rico, anything below 75 degrees was difficult to deal with but the older I got the more excited I got over the season. Fall fashion is my favorite. From the layering of sweaters and scarves to the jewel tones and rustic color palettes, fall is the best season for fashion in my opinion. You can say that it has become easier for me to let go of flawy summer dresses and layer up :)

There's nothing like throwing on an easy tee, layering it with a scarf or necklace, pairing it with jeans and a light jacket. Honestly, that's my go-to outfit and it's never failed me.We all need easy basics to dress up or dress down. Whether you're going out to grab a coffee or headed to a concert, the following are fall staples everyone should have in their closet.

Dark Wash Jeans: Dark wash denim looks good on EVERYONE. Seriously, it does. Like I stated before, a dark wash is easier to dress up or dress down. They are good day to night and are usually more slimming.

Light Knit Top: The one pictured above is from J.Crew Factory and it is a simple stripped pattern that easily pairs with a lot of bottoms.

Statement Piece: I added a brass necklace from Jewel Mint and a floral print scarf. It adds dimension and spruces up the outfit. I was never one to accessorize but I've quickly learned how essential it is to complete a look. Don't be afraid to accessorize!

Light Jacket: This olive wax jacket from J.Crew has to be one of my best purchases within this past year. It has become such a versatile piece and I wear it all the time! I clearly must not be the only one who loves it because I've seen it on many stylish ladies throughout NYC. It's structured but not too stiff and comes in great fall colors!

I completed the look with comfy ankle boots and my new favorite hat from Lyla & Bo. I'm obsessed with this Bleeker hat and their entire collection. Take a look here.

These are my fall essentials, what are yours? Let me know in the comment section below!

Hat: Lyla & Bo
Top: Old
Jeans: Old
Jacket: J.Crew
Boots: Old

Photos by Predestined in Love

xo, Maia

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