Let's Get to Work: Stripes and Leopard

November 4, 2014

First of all let me say thank you for all the positive feedback on my Instragram! It really is great and encouraging to read sweet comments about the outfits that I post. It lets me know that 1) there are ladies out there that like my style tips, 2) that there need to be more petite fashion bloggers, and 3) that these early morning photoshoots are worth it, haha! Seriously though, I appreciate the feedback and all the likes. Anyway, as I write this I'm sitting on my yoga map in my bedroom totally relaxed. I'm in such a zen and for those that haven't tried yoga or mediation I really recommend it. Personally, it alleviates stress and allows me to regain focus on the important things that are occurring in my life, like this blog for example. I haven't completed a good yoga sesh before writing my other posts but I will certainly do it from now on because I'm so relaxed right now and ready to write. 

It's getting colder in the tristate area and I'm bringing out the coats! I always appreciate a fun coat especially because I think most people feel that they are limited to expressing their style as it gets colder. You tend to cover up in the Winter and usually the uglier the coat the warmer it is however, I scooped up this vintage styled number from an UK brand called Boden. The oversized flower buttons caught my attention and I thought, "Oh, how elegant! It's so Audrey Hepburn, so Mad Men!" We all know my love for the 60's and Mad Men so I wasn't even surprised then this jacket ended up in my online shopping cart.  I received the Boden catalog randomly last fall and instantly fell in love. After I couldn't figure out how the heck it was sent to me, I flipped through it and really liked the style of clothing they were selling. They are known for their "Great British Style" and I felt like I went back in time as I flipped through the catalog pages. Their style screams 1960's mod but with a Jackie O sophistication. The vintage silhouettes paired up with playful and feminine patterns really caught my attention. I'd say they are reasonably priced, similar to Banana Republic and J. Crew but their pieces are just so fun. The first item I order from Boden was a pair of creme pants with blue and red polka-dots on them - they were so cute! I originally ordered a size 2 petite but had to exchange them for a 4 petite. I'd definitely recommend Boden for ladies who have wider hips and have a little more in the tush area because their styles really fit great. Additionally, their petite section is impeccable! I fall in love every time I check out their website, and I never have to do any additional alternations to the items I purchase, like I have to for Banana Republic and J. Crew pieces. Boden also has free shipping and return policy that gives you one year to return any items you dislike, so that's always a plus. 

Underneath my Boden jacket I wore a blue and white pin-stripe button up from Banana Republic, a maroon wool skirt from J. Crew Factory and a leopard print belt also from BR at the waist. I like mixing patterns and colors that typically wouldn't go together. It's eye catching and depending on what patterns you mix can look great without being tacky. Nobody wants to be tacky - haha! I let the maroon skirt be the neutral piece so that I could add the stripes and leopard without going overboard with color. On my feet I have t-strap heels from a brand called Halogen which can be found at Nordstrom and I fell in love with the maroon/burgundy color. I kept my accessories really simply, just my watch and stud earrings and my handy dandy Longchamp, which really has seen better days. 

I really loved this outfit for some reason; it was equal parts professional and stylish. Who says work outfits have to be boring?! ;)

How are you vamping up your work style for the Winter? Let me know below!

Striped Shirt: Banana Republic
Wool Skirt: J.Crew Factory
Leopard Belt: Banana Republic (New)
T-Strap Pump: Nordstrom

xo, Maia

Photos by Sandra Cristina

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