From Day at the Office to Date Night

November 12, 2014

It was just a little chilly outside :)

Here's a look that I wore to work the other day and after adding some colorful accessories to my little black dress I thought "wait, this would make for a perfect date outfit!" So I pondered more on the topic and realized how often us ladies have date night after a long day of work and don't always have the time to primp ourselves before a night out. Personally, I like to have some fun accessories handy to spice up the outfit!

The Sloan dress from Banana Republic is a must have. I have it in Red and I figured why not buy it in black? You can never have too many black dresses. The stretchy dress (60% cotton, 35% rayon and 5% spandex) is very figured flattering. It's a great option for work with a blazer or scarf overtop and for date night, add a bright necklace and fun heels. :)

I just got this necklace from Jewelmint, I'm in love with the colored jewels and the fan design. I've been a member of Jewelmint for about a year now and I have had a love/hate relationship with it. It's a great service that creates a personalized jewelry wardrobe based on your style answers for a monthly fee of $29.99. The $29.99 membership fee equals 1 credit and with that 1 credit you can purchase any piece of jewelry valued at the same price, not limited to just your collection.  Every month your personalized jewelry collection changes and to be honest there have been months that I've loved a few pieces and there have been months where I haven't liked anything at all and skip the month. If you skip within the first 6 days of the month, you won't get charged the monthly $29.99 membership fee. There have been many months that I have considered canceling the membership because I favor other jewelry websites such as Bauble Bar and Stella & Dot more. We will see how I feel next month!

Also just an FYI - The Sloan Sheath Dress is on sale now for $100 with an extra 40% off - check it out!

 Thanks for reading! Have a great rest of the week :)

xo, Maia

Photos by Sandra Cristina

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