What's in my travel bag?

September 5, 2018

Top: Socialite, Shorts: Treasure & Bond , Mules: Steve Madden, Tote: Longchamp, Sunnies: Le Specs

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I'm writing to you from my comfy couch, we are back home! We just arrived back from Dublin and I must say it's such an adorable city! I can't believe the past two weeks have flown by so fast! It was such a wonderful time and was especially nice since it was significantly cooler in Europe than back in NYC and we all know how much I love fall weather! :) While the weather forecast fooled me and I didn't pack appropriately clothing wise, my travel bag did not let me down. I wanted to share what's in my travel bag and what items are a MUST when traveling anywhere!

Because we were traveling internationally and were going to be so far from home I wanted to be prepared. Super prepared. I'm notorious for underpacking and forgetting the necessities so this time around I started packing 3 weeks before the trip.

I found this awesome purse organizer that fit perfectly in my middle sized Longchamp. Large tote bags are my favorite for traveling because you can just throw everything in there. This organizer was so helpful and had compartments for my wallet, passport, chargers, medicines - literally everything! I found it on Amazon for under $15 and has small handles so you can easily take it out and use it in your other bags.

This portable phone charger has been a total lifesaver in Europe. It doesn't require any extra cords and comes in this adorable pink color! Since I took a nighttime flight, I made sure to have these wipes handy to wipe off the day. I later applied my makeup once we landed but I tried my best to sleep with a clean face. Speaking of sleep, I've never been much of an airplane sleeper. It's always been hard for me to fall asleep but this sleeping mask saved me! It made such a difference and made sleeping so much easier for me. I also brought an extra blanket and these fuzzy socks for the airplane because I get so cold on flights! My goal is to be as comfortable as possible while traveling. Sometimes I get nervous on flights or tend to worry about traveling in general so I try to bring anything to calm me down including my kindle to read. I just started reading Crazy Rich Asians and I can't put it down!

What are some of your travel must haves? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks so much for reading today's post!


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