Restyling your closet

July 17, 2018

I just thought this shot looked so pretty! The sun hit us just at the perfect spot!
This one too! I'm glowing :)
Happy Tuesday! So sorry this post is going up so late but today was so hectic. I've been so busy trying to blog, work my full time, job, style, have a social life, love on my boyfriend and family, workout and sleep -- literally trying to do it all, everyday is exhausting. My friend told me about Randi Zuckerberg's book Pick 3 and how it explains that while we try to have it all, all the time, it's impossible so if we can pick 3 things to accomplish each day, your days become a little bit more balanced. Between work, family, friends, fitness and sleep, pick 3 and there's a higher chance you'll actually achieve your daily goals! Ever since she mentioned the practice, I've been trying to incorporate it in my day to day. Life can get so hectic sometimes, hence why this post is going up a little late!

I wanted to talk about giving your wardrobe a little makeover. I shared with you all a couple weeks ago that I was starting up a business as a style consultant. I wanted to make my services available to everyone, regardless of budget and I wanted to show how it is possible to make style fit for you! One of my favorite ways to incorporate new outfits in my closet is restyling the pieces I already have. Every once in a while I do a major purge and donate things that I haven't worn in over a year. I love using Thread Up to donate my clean and undamaged items, and after doing a purge I like to revaluate what is left. I'm a fan of basics and neutrals so I also make sure to keep a couple neutral pieces in my closet (white t-shirt, beige blazer, black jeans, etc.), and I love to have some prints too! I begin by taking out casual wear first and rearranging tops with bottoms and I make sure to take pictures of the new outfits I've styled that way I can always go back and look when I think I have nothing to wear.

Everything in today's post are pieces that I've had for at least 6-8 months yet never wore them this way. I'll be sharing even more #restylejuly outfits throughout the end of the month, make sure to follow the hashtag and if you're looking for styling advice, shoot me an email at I'd love to help you!

Thanks so much for reading today's post!

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