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March 21, 2018

Happy Snow Day, guys -- again. Today's the 4th Noreaster we've had this winter and I don't know about you but I'm ready for the warmer weather to arrive. Also, my spring allergies have kicked in and I don't even understand how!? It's currently snowing in the city and I'm cuddled in a cozy weather with some tea in hand so I figure why not share a little bit more about me. My goal is to be transparent, I want you all to really get to know me and understand why I blog :)

I'm a real estate professional by day, and petite blogger by night. I've been working in real estate law for the past 6 years since I graduated, but have always been a lover of fashion since I was a little girl. I was a communications major in college and ended working in real estate law accidentally. I seriously considered law school and even took the LSAT twice. Kudos to y'all who made it through because that exam was torture, ugh! Since my day to day work was becoming very routine and logistical, I realized I missed being in a creative environment and so I created this blog. I didn't create the blog with the intention of making it my livelihood I just loved styling outfits, and taking pictures with my photographer friend and sharing my thoughts on petite fashion. I was working in corporate america and I learned that there was a thin line between looking work appropriate and looking like you borrowed your Mom's suits. I wanted to share how workwear could work for petite women.  I would wake up an hour earlier than usual, get ready and then I would shoot with Sandra before hopping on the bus to go into NYC to work. We would shoot all year round, regardless of how cold it was, around different parts of my hometown. People always stopped and starred but it was always such a blast.

Fast forward 3 years and I still work in real estate law and my blog is still my creative outlet. I've been blogging on and off for a few years now. When I started blogging I was so concerned about my image and the number of followers I had thatI didn't put too much effort in the quality of my posts. I didn't post frequently, nor did I engage with my followers. Big mistake! A few years later I feel comfortable just writing about whatever I want to, sharing more of myself with you guys and engaging more with you! This has turned into such a sweet community and all I can hope for is that it develops and grows. I'm still trying to figure this blogging this out and I'm determined to always be genuine and have this be an organic relationship with you all. I appreciate all the kind words and please continue to share with me your thoughts and ideas about what you would like to see here on my blog and on my instagram.

I do this out of love, 100%. I do this because it makes me happy and it brings me so much joy to talk about fashion, lifestyle, and petite problems. I can't imagine doing anything else!

Thanks so much for reading today's post. 


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