Overalls are not just for kids

August 17, 2016

H&M Off-the-Shoulder Top (similar & similar), Nordstrom Overalls (similar), Soludos espadrilles - on sale!, Bauble Bar necklace (similar) and earrings)

As I acclimate myself once again to city bagels and sweaty, crowded subways, I can't help but reminisce about the colorful and care-free vibes of Cancun. Another thing that I haven't been able to get out of my head is this unbearable heat that we've been having the North East. I can't remember whether last winter was so cold that it made me forget how hot NYC summers can be or if this one is the hottest one yet. Either way dressing for sticky, 90+ degree weather can be tricky and most of the time it's just too hot to look cute - I'm just speaking the truth!

Sometimes I take the comfortable route. I know if my mother knew that I was admitting this she would have a big ol' laugh. I call my mom Carmen, the comfort queen. For years my mom's style could only be described as "comfortable". She hated anything that wasn't comfortable - loose, baggy, stretchy, easy to wear, and hassle-free. The older I get, the more I understand the concept of comfort, and on this particular day I wanted to be comfortable. To me, pants and shorts are more comfortable than a dress. I have always felt this way. I'm always concerned about dresses or skirts flying up, and pants don't give me that worry. So after researching this overall trend, I decided to take the dive and add them to my cart. I purchased this adorable pair from Nordstrom and to prevent it from loooking juvenile I paired it with an easy off the shoulder top from H&M. I completed the casual look with my favorite flats from Saludos! They always have fun espadrilles.

What are your go-to summer pieces? Share below!


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