Sunny Florida

July 4, 2016

Chicwish Flamingo Off-Shoulder Dress, Zara Studs and Chain Crossbody Bag, Bauble Bar Sardinia Drop Earrings

Sunny, sunny Florida. I've gotten to learn about and love Florida more and more this year but HOLY MOLY it was so hot. I'm used to summers in, and smelly, truly one of a kind. Florida summer's are NO JOKE, dios mio!. This off the shoulder dress was perfect for the super duper heat! Tommy and I spent most of our weekend in the water between Ginnie Springs and the beach but on Monday we decided to have a lunch date in downtown St. Augustine. After an unfortunate first attempt at lunch (he found a bug in his burger - ew!) We ended up lunchin' at Columbia restaurant on St. George street in downtown. So lovely! It's known for its Spanish and Cuban food and we had the most delicious sandwiches. After lunch we had a nice walk and stopped for ice cream. 

Hope you all are enjoying your weekends & Happy 4th of July!


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