Date Night: Valentine's Day Edition

February 16, 2016

Blouse - Banana Republic, Skirt - old, Heels - oldsimilar

Hi babes! Hope you all had a fabulous Valentine's Day! I shared my V-day with my someone special and we had dinner at a delicious French restaurant in Manhattan. It was the ultimate girly romantic day and I loved it. I never realized I was such a sucker for romance - HA!

I couldn't help but up the romance when it came to my outfit. Hello ruffles! I felt glam and classic even if it was absolutely freezing in NYC. Like literally it was numbly cold. Remind me why I don't live on an island? Can't handle this weather. Either way, it was a lovely.

Hope you all had a great one!


Photos by Lynn Kim Do

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  1. I'm loving this look!! Those are some great shoes.


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