My (late) New Year's Resolution

January 12, 2016

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not big on new year’s resolutions. There is nothing wrong with them but I never keep them haha I always try to workout more, swear less, and work harder but my goals and dream tend to change a bit as the year progresses. I just like to make a general list of things I’d like to try in the new year. For example, I think last year I wanted to get closer to God, travel more, and expand my blog. These were things I knew I could achieve realistically and that I would happily want to continue. I joined a new Church, budgeted for and planned an amazing Eurotrip, and was able to go to cool NYFW events thanks to my blog! 2015 was really fantastic year, filled with immense growth and lots of love. 
I only have one thing I want to do in 2016. I want to put more love out in the world. That’s all. It might sound silly but our world is going through a lot of turmoil, and I know that I’m little and cannot change the world myself but I just encourage all of you just to put a little bit more love out into the world. Let everything you do be done in love. Love each other more, let the love in our hearts speak through our passions, let the love we feel be reflected in our words and actions. Let’s make that the goal for 2016. 



Bikini: Victoria Secret
Sunnies: J. Crew Factory
Hat: Borrowed

Photos by Carmen Colon & Jorge Montes de Oca

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