What Bobbi taught me

October 19, 2015

Bobbi Brown and I don't have much in common. We're both petite brunettes, but there are more differences than similarities. She's a mom, and I'm single, she grew up Jewish and I grew up Christian, and she's a founder of an incredibly successful make up brand and I'm a 24 year old fashion blogger. I had tried Bobbi Brown products in the past, heard they were superb and would have to agree. Her black gel liner has easily become a favorite product of mine, but when I heard she was speaking at a local college, I wasn't totally enthusiastic. My friend invited me, and I thought well this could be interesting, I really know nothing about her other than she's a big supporter of natural make up. The avid beauty follower that I am thought, I wonder if she'll teach us make up techniques? Maybe we'll get free stuff? Eh, why not, I'll go, it's free. So I drove to the event, found parking, met up with my friend and found seats in the middle of the room. As the event began I learned it was also featuring other women discussing entrepreneurship, and I thought okay, maybe I won't get free make up at this event,  and perhaps they'll give us business tips, but I don't really need those. Even though it was a free event, I would have easily paid for the things I learned today. No doubt about it. Like I said, I knew nothing about Bobbi Brown, I didn't know where she was from, where she went to school or how she started the brand, but I quickly learned what she was all about. She was about being herself. I know that sounds obvious, and like duh, why wouldn't she be herself but it resonated with me in a way that I'll never forget.

I have been trying to create a successful resource for petite women. A blog that would help women like myself, find clothes that fit, and style them to make our special body types look fabulous. Since I created The Petite Principle last year, I have learned a lot about myself and blogging in general. I realized I was trying to fit a mold, while trying to break the mold petite women were placed in. Many times I have doubted myself and have thought maybe I am not being trendy enough, maybe I'm not contouring enough, maybe I'm not skinny enough, maybe I'm not petite enough, when at the end of the day I wasn't being my true self. My natural self, my simple self, my real self. At Bobbi's presentation today, that realization was crystal clear, and my thoughts reaffirmed. Being yourself is the best way to be. You don't need all the extra stuff. I have never been so motivated to be my authentic and true self. It has not only inspired me to revamp my blog, but my way of being. I may not be a founder of a cosmetic company today, but I can be proud of myself, I can be proud of my natural beauty, and I can branch out and try new things if I am true about my passions. Like some key points Bobbi said, we have to work hard, but smart, be fearless, be grateful, be open, never stop learning, and have fun. Now that's pretty powerful.

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