Smart Cookie

September 17, 2015

My dad always called me a smart cookie, maybe it was because he was my dad, but he definitely knew I had a lot of smart things to say. 

We have finally reached Thursday; is anyone else excited that this week is almost over? I'm hearing Mercury is in retrograde, and I've already prepared myself for the craziness that could occur within the next couple of weeks -- of course I would, I'm a smart cookie ;)

My dad always called me his smart cookie. Perhaps he did because he was just being my dad, but I chose to believe that it was because I was an inquisitive little kid who knew her voice mattered. He distinctly remembers me saying "Daddy, kids have ideas too!" and from them on he continued to support the smart, silly, ridiculous things and ideas I have come up with over the years. Cheers to you Dad, you're the real MVP. 

This sweater definitely fits my attitude lately though. I can't say whether it's the haircut, the new season, or just a new bit of confidence that has me walking petite and proud. Don't even get me started on this skirt, I am OBSESSED. I wore it to the Lulu's Style Studio event for NYFW, and got so many compliments on it. It's from Banana Republic; girls run and get it because it's perfection! Paired with strappy black sandals, a crossbody, some jewelry, and you have my new favorite fall outfit. 

Sweater: Banana Republic, Skirt: Banana Republic, Crossbody: Marc Jacobs, Heels: similar, Bracelet: J.Crew Factory, Rings: Accessorize & Francesca's, Lippie: Stolen Kisses

Hope you love the look, babes!


Photos by Carmin Fuentes

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  1. this outfit says to me smarty pants, sassy, sophisticated and creative


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